Tickets and Records

Spotsylvania Sheriff Department Building

Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office Records:
Mrs. Bernita Tunstall
Records Manager
Phone Number: (540) 507-7134

Records Staff:
LaDonna Todd, Records Clerk: (540) 507-7127
Debra Samuels, Records Clerk: (540) 507-7120
Bridgette Adams, Records Clerk: (540) 507-7134
Shonda Jackson, Records Clerk: (540) 507-7136

Agency’s Mailing Address
P.O. Box 124, Spotsylvania, Va. 22553

Agency’s Physical Address
9119 Dean Ridings Ln, Spotsylvania, Va. 22553

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm (Except Holidays)

Accident Reports – $5.00
No Trespassing Order – $12.00 per person served.
Incident Verification – $5.00
Fingerprints – $15.00

Accident Reports

In an effort to provide citizens and insurance companies with the ability to obtain accurate and affordable crash reports as quickly as possible, our crash reports are now available for purchase online.  All online requests for crash reports can be made at where you’ll be able to view, download and print your report.

Go to

Select the state and the law enforcement agency that took the report.
Fill out the requested information to search for a crash report.

No Trespassing Orders

no-trespassingNo Trespassing Orders can only be obtained if the property is located within the County and only if the person that it is being served lives within Spotsylvania County.  Per the Judge’s order, it is one order per person, even if they reside in the same household.


Domestic reports are released to the victim only and does not include the narrative. Not all reports are releasable. To obtain a copy of a report, this would need to be done through the Freedom of Information Act.

Criminal Background Checks

The Sheriff’s Office does not perform criminal background checks for citizens.  They are done at the Virginia State Police. Please go to their link for further assistance. (Click here: Virginia State Police)


fingerprintsFingerprints are done Wednesdays and Fridays only between 1:00-3:30pm.  The fee is $15.  Payment is made at the Sheriff’s Office lobby and the receipt is then taken to the deputies’ desk at General District Court for the prints to be done.