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Explorer Program

The Explorer Program of the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office provides an excellent opportunity for teenagers to gain knowledge and experience in the field of law enforcement for a future career. Explorers go through training courses, while supporting the community at numerous events. Explorers also get the chance to ride with deputies around Spotsylvania County, after completion of training.

The Explorer Program provides training to teenagers every two weeks. Training courses include self-defense tactics, handcuff training, fingerprinting, traffic stops, ticket writing, accident reports and other training essential to law enforcement careers.  Mostly, deputies in the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office teach the training courses, but occasionally, someone outside the sheriff’s office will instruct the Explorers.

Explorers also attend community events all around the area.  From elementary school festivals, to church outings, to high school football games, Explorers are there in uniform, ready to provide their service to the community. Explorers fingerprint kids, provide security, and also teach people about laws that affect them every day.

The last major activities cadets get to participate in are the ride along. Explorers take along the knowledge they learned during the training courses and apply it while riding with Spotsylvania County deputies. Explorers get a first had experience to what law enforcement is really about. They see traffic stops, accident investigations, different calls taken, disputes and many other aspects of law enforcement. When an Explorer rides with a deputy it is a new experience every day and something they will never forget.

The Explorer division of the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office is a great program to get teenagers interested and experienced in police work. No matter what career the Explorers will choose later in life, through this program, they learn social skills, obedience, service and many other skills that will help them further down the road.  Through the Explorer Program, young men and women gain community service hours, training and experience.  It also looks very good on a college application and job resumes.  The Explorer Program is an excellent opportunity for teenagers and the entire County of Spotsylvania.

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