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CADET Program

The Cadet Program of the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office provides an excellent opportunity for teenagers to gain knowledge and experience in the field of law enforcement for a future career. Cadets will learn social skills, obedience, service, and other skills that will help them further down the road. Through this program, young men and women obtain community service hours, training, and experience.


The Cadet Program provides training to teenagers every two weeks. Training courses include self-defense tactics, handcuff training, fingerprinting, traffic stops, ticket writing, accident reports, and other training essential to law enforcement.


Cadets will attend community events in uniform, ready to provide service to the community. This includes fingerprinting children, security, and teaching people about the laws that affect them every day.


Cadets will get a hands-on experience doing ride alongs with Deputies. They’ll see traffic stops, accident investigations, calls taken, disputes, and much more!


For more information, please contact Deputy Marcia Curtis at

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