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This map will give you the ability to search for any area in Spotsylvania County and for how ever far back you want to go.


  • On the left hand side, you can choose several things to look at: WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, REPORT, CHARTS, PRINT

  • Go down the list in order “what”, “where”, “when”

  • Under “WHAT” you can choose all crimes or just pick the ones you want to view by selecting or deselecting

  • Under “WHERE” this is where you would put the address of the house/townhouse/apartment

  • Under “WHEN”, you choose a time frame (1 week or 6 months)

  • Once its submitted, you can choose “Report” or “Print”, to see the results or you can click on each individual pinned crime on the map to see the information


We also have a Crime Prevention Coordinator, Deputy Margarida Figueroa who is in charge of homeowners’ associations.​​

Deputy Margarida Figueroa

(540) 507-7177

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