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administrative services division (ASD)

Under the direction of Sheriff Harris, the Administrative Services Division (ASD) was established in January 2012.   The Division strives to offer education, safety program, and events that bring the community together. Sheriff Harris believes that a safe effective community is achieved through teamwork between the Sheriff’s Office and citizens. The Division is responsible for the following functions. 


Training is an integral part of any effective law enforcement agency. The training  coordinator ensures that all employees maintain their state required in-service hours, retains a positive relationship with the Regional Training Academy, and coordinates basic and advanced level instructors for law enforcement training.

Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Unit offers valuable programs, lectures, displays, seminars, crime prevention, and safety tips to all citizens and community groups free of charge. The Unit coordinates or participates in the following community programs: Crime Solvers, Crime Council, Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, Special Olympics, and TRIAD.

Evidence and Property

The Evidence and Property function maintains a safe and efficient   storage and retrieval system for evidence and other valuable items that are in the custody of the Sheriff’s Office. The Evidence Custodian ensures that the proper chain of custody is accurately documented for evidence presentation and admittance in Court.

Recruitment and Hiring

The recruitment and hiring function is responsible for recruiting, processing, and forwarding recommendations of the best qualified candidates to the Sheriff for his review and selection. The Sheriff’s Office conducts a regimented, rigorous selection process which affords equal opportunity to every applicant regardless of race, creed, color, gender, national origin, or age. All applicants are required to meet the minimum qualifications at each stage of the process.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management supports the Sheriff's Office with all facets of vehicle management; which includes coordinating with management on vehicle assignments, preparing associated DMV paperwork for owned, seized, abandoned and granted vehicles, completing/tracking crash reports, requesting and issuing fuel PINs and cards, preparing paperwork for vehicle sales, working vehicle Recalls, coordinating with installers on associated police equipment, reviewing associated invoices, providing monthly vehicle reports to management, annual refreshment of fire extinguishers, and exercising vehicle key control.


With the assistance of Spotsylvania County grants division, we successfully locate, acquire, and manage federal, state, and private grant funds in compliance with the grant award terms and conditions.

Wellness Team

The Wellness and Maintenance Response Team is a specialty team created to support the unique duties performed by dispatch and law enforcement personnel. This team has a limited number of members who undergo a vigorous application and selection process then are trained and certified with credentials that give them the ability to do Group Crisis Intervention, Individual Crisis Intervention, and Suicide Intervention. The team members support the overall mental and physical wellness of our deputies and the deputies of surrounding jurisdictions as well as their financial and spiritual well-being by providing resources and contacts. The team meets regularly to hone their skills and reach out to each other for assistance. The more supported our deputies feel, the better our agency can support the community.

Spotsylvania County Sheriff Accreditation


Since 2006, the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office has been a state accredited law enforcement agency through Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission.

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