criminal investigations

Forensic Unit

This unit is responsible for conducting crime scene investigations to discover, develop, collect and evaluate physical evidence which may include blood and other body fluids, hair, fiber, paint chips, glass fragments, fire accelerants, soils, firearms, documents, fingerprint and footwear impressions. Detectives have been deemed by the Virginia Circuit Courts as experts in several fields of Forensic Science to include blood splatter, firearms, and bullet trajectory. In addition to crime scenes, the unit is responsible for the follow-up investigations of criminal cases where a computer has been used to perpetrate the crime. These cases can involve computer intrusion, online auction fraud, email threats and harassments, identity and credit card fraud, theft of intellectual property, software or music piracy, possession or distribution of child pornography and online child solicitation.

Crime Analyst

Crime analysis is intended to provide current information to assist operational personnel in meeting their tactical crime control, criminal apprehension and crime prevention objectives, and to assist command and administrative personnel in planning and strategic decision-making. The crime analyst supports the entire agency. The analyst is responsible for reviewing all offense reports daily and tracking any trends that develop within the county by collecting, collating and analyzing local and regional crimes. Information on crime trends or potential suspects of regional crimes are disseminated both internally and externally to aid in cooperation of intelligence sharing between agencies affected. The analyst also produces numerous and varied fliers for intelligence dissemination to include stolen property, wanted persons, crime trends, and maintains access to numerous databases to assist in investigations.

Child Victim Unit

This unit is comprised detectives who investigate cases involving sexual assault, domestic abuse, or crimes against children. Likely the most sensitive area of investigation for detectives, CVU is a highly specialized unit that investigates cases of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and the neglect of children. This unit is essential when investigating cases of child abuse or neglect when an immediate response is critical to the outcome of these cases.

Special Investigations Unit

Detectives assigned to this unit have specialized training to address crime related to narcotics, street crimes, and gangs.

General Assignment Unit

Detectives assigned to this unit handle cases including larceny, burglary, robbery, auto theft, rape, malicious assault and homicide.

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC)

Primary focus is to identify and apprehend adult offenders who utilize the internet in attempting to victimize our youth.