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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch, in various forms, has been around for many years. Today it is one of the most popular and successful efforts to prevent residential crime. Here in Virginia it is reported that several hundred thousand households are participating in Neighborhood Watch programs.

Join us for the Countywide Neighborhood Watch Meeting, 3rd Tuesday each month.

6:00PM at the Sheriff’s Substation at 137 Spotsylvania Mall Dr, Fredericksburg VA 22407

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Handbook
First, talk to your neighbors and tell them that you are starting a Neighborhood Watch and that you need their participation. Enlist other neighbors to help you. Form a small planning committee to discuss needs, the level of interest, possible challenges, and the Watch program. Introduce yourselves to other neighbors by going door to door.
View the link below to see how you can encourage your neighbors to join you
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