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marcus alert system

In 2020, Virginia State legislators created the mental health awareness response and community understanding services (Marcus) alert system to promote a behavioral health response to individuals in crisis, including those with substance abuse disorder and developmental disabilities.

The goals of the MARCUS Alert System is to increase:

  • Access to care for individuals in crisis

  • Access to timely treatment

  • Sense of dignity

  • Public recognition of community mental health needs

While decreasing:

  • Likelihood of physical confrontation

  • Arrests, detention, and use-of-force

  • Injuries during crisis events

  • Need for mental health treatment in jail

  • Psychiatric hospitalizations

Every locality in Virginia will have a voluntary database available to the E-911 Communications Center and Marcus Alert Systems. The goal is to reduce unfavorable outcomes and connect individuals to appropriate treatment or resources through a response appropriate to a given situation – that response may only involve mental health clinicians or a combination of law enforcement and clinicians.

To register an individual with the MARCUS Alert System who resides in Spotsylvania, download the form below and submit it to First Sergeant Matikonis via email at

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