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towing and tow permits

The Sheriff is responsible to maintain a tow rotation list of private companies to conduct law enforcement requested tows. The Spotsylvania County Tow Ordinance, Sec. 12-226. is promulgated by the Board of Supervisors of Spotsylvania County, pursuant to authority provided in the Code of Virginia 46.2-1217, to ensure storage, availability and service by persons and firms authorized to provide towing services at the request of the Sheriff’s Office or other law enforcement personnel.

All towers authorized to provide services shall remain independent contractors and shall not be deemed to employees of the County.

The Motor Carrier Safety decal is placed on commercial vehicles after they pass an inspection under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety under Title 49 CFR. These inspections are usually done every 90 days the vehicles are being properly maintained for the safety of the citizens within the communities. This decal is placed on the front passenger side lower windshield of the vehicle.

This decal changes yearly and has serial numbers on each decal.

Tow permits are issued by the Sheriff’s Office in the month of June every year. The fees for this permit are paid to the Spotsylvania County Treasurer’s Office. These permits are required to be displayed on all approved tow trucks responding to Sheriff’s Office and Virginia State Police requested tows. This permit is regulated under Spotsylvania County Tow Ordinance 12-226.

This decal changes yearly and has serial numbers on each decal.

All For-Hire tow trucks are required to obtain a permit through the Virginia Board of Towing and Recovery Operators. The mission of the Board of Towing and Recovery Operators is to protect the public by setting standards of qualifications, training, and experience for those who seek to represent themselves to the public as towing and recovery professionals and promoting high standards of professional performance for those engaged in the practice of towing and recovery.

If you wish to apply for the County’s Tow list and you qualify under the conditions set by the County Ordinance and State laws, then download the application and drop it off to us or just come to the Public Safety Building located at

Tow Compliances Officer, Deputy Steve Noakes:

9119 Dean Ridings Lane

Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553


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