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Sheriff Roger L. Harris is pleased to announce that the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control Deputy Richard Samuels were recipients of the Humane Society’s “Humane Law Enforcement Award”.  Sheriff Harris noted that Deputy ACO Samuels was part of a task force that successfully concluded a year long, multi-state cockfighting ring centred in Wise County,
I am proud that military veterans are well represented in our sheriff’s office. More than one-third of our sworn officers and civilian employees have served their country earlier in their career or continue to serve in the reserves. All branches of
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Be part of the benefit for the Wounded Warriors of Virginia event on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at the Spotsylvania Towne Centre.  Click here for details...
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Closing out Sunday night on a high note can be beneficial to both your health and to getting a great start to the work week.
Now that Social Security has resumed sending estimated benefit statements, one of the most frequent questions asked is “How do they calculate how much I’m going to get?”
When you start to win with money you discover pretty quickly that there’s a very small group of people you can celebrate with.
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The projects are to be launched to spend part of the $1 billion provided by BP in the recovery effort from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill
The company said Monday that samplings of an ice cream flavor contained the food borne bacteria listeriosis
The 34-year-old policeman was accused of beating a suspect in a robbery investigation
Lady Antelbellum or the Zac Brown Brand? Here are the most searched Academy of Country Music vocal groups of the year, organized by state.
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