SWAT Members primary responsibilities are to increase the likelihood of safely resolving critical incidents. They specialize in narcotics investigation, high-risk felony apprehension, hostage negotiations, armed criminal activities, and other tasks. The duties of this team also include hostage rescue, barricade, sniper, high-risk warrant service and high-risk apprehension, dignitary protection, terrorism response, special assignments, mutual aid agreements and/or governmental support requests.

Swat Truck Group 12-18-15

Every member of SWAT focuses on saving lives and being able to dictate the level of force necessary to adequately protect the citizens of Spotsylvania and the deputies involved within their investigations. To resolve some incidents, SWAT members are trained and required to use the various levels of force, up to and including, deadly force.

The SWAT Team members go through legal, tactical and operational training monthly and are required to maintain a minimal standard. Department patrol rifle/handgun training includes drills in keeping with SWAT team tactics, techniques and procedures are counted as SWAT training. All members are required to maintain physical fitness and must qualify with their weapons at a higher standard.Swat Truck 12-18-15

The team currently has 16 members and is comprised of members of the Sheriff’s Office with the knowledge, skills, and ability to responsibly engage in resolving critical incidents.